Labour Market Information System Specialist

Labour Market Information System Specialist (Short-Term Adviser),

Workforce Development Program Timor-Leste (WDPTL)

Classification                           : International Short-Term Adviser (STA) ARF D3

Reports to                              : WDPTL Team Leader, through SDE Manager

Accountable to                       : DNIMT Directorate in SEPFOPE and WDPTL Team Leader

Duration of Consultancy        : Up to 50 input days from May 2017 to November 2018

Location                                  : Home based and in-country Dili, Timor-Leste

The Program:

The Australian Government’s aid policy – promoting prosperity, reducing poverty, enhancing stability – underscores the importance of a skilled population for the growth of an economy. In particular, it states that Australia will prioritise skills for growth, by improving access to quality assured technical education and training, which matches the needs of the private sector.

The Workforce Development Program for Timor-Leste (WDPTL) supports Australian Government’s aid policy through three components: Australia Awards scholarships (AAS), Skills Development and Employment (SDE); and a flexible facility which can respond to DFAT’s emerging needs (primarily to support English training at post-secondary level). The Program is managed by Palladium International on behalf of the Australian Government.

Earlier work by WDPTL/SEPFOPE has included a functional analysis/data audit of the labour market data available in Timor-Leste and identified the labour market data/indicators to be collected, analysed and reported. It is planned that the LMIS will for its initial years use linked Excel spreadsheets until the requirements and data collection/reporting processes have been trialled. DNIMT has 8 professional/technical staff. A training needs analysis has been undertaken for these staff and their on-the-job and formal training needs identified.


The purpose of the LMIS Specialist is to support SEPFOPE, primarily through the National Directorate of Labour Market Information (DNIMT) to develop and implement a LMIS which is fit for purpose as a tool to support evidence based policy development on labour force supply and demand in Timor-Leste.

Provide technical advice and on-the-job capacity development to DNIMT to develop data collection templates and processes for collecting administrative and survey data from a range of different stakeholders within SEPFOPE, other Government departments and stakeholders

Provide specific training to the DNIMT staff (and other relevant staff within SEPFOPE) in labour market data collection and analysis as identified in the training plan or as agreed with DNIMT/WDPTL during the course of the assignment

Provide coaching and quality assurance of the work of the National LMIS Adviser to be appointed by WDPTL

Develop and maintain strong professional relationships with a range of SDE stakeholders and provide strategic advice to WDPTL Team Leader and DFAT and SEPFOPE as to implementation progress and emerging opportunities

Support the WDPTL Team Leader, as required in the planning, financial forecasting and reporting on LMIS activities and achievements for use in reporting to DFAT and the SDE Steering Committee, six-monthly progress reporting and any exception reports required on the supported LMIS activities

Essential Selection Criteria

Proven experience in establishing and maintaining a LMIS

  • proven experience in national level collection, analysis and reporting of labour market information including the publication of authored LMI reports

–  Proven experience in drafting and supporting national and sectoral skills plan high level statistical and data management skills and experience, including experience direct experience operating a range of data management and statistical software.

For the position’s full Terms of Reference please refer to:

How to Apply: Applications are lodged through

Applications close at 5 p.m. (GMT+9) on Sunday the 23rd April 2017. Late applications will not be considered, only successful applicants will be contacted for interviews.(Media ONE Timor)


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