JOB : Saving Internal and Lending Communities (SILC) Officer

Job Title:              Saving Internal and Lending Communities (SILC) Officer

Location:              Baucau or Viqueque, with frequent travel to district project sites

In order to help households to continue to build resilience to external shocks CRS and local implementing partners will continue expanding the community-based saving and lending group program in the three Eastern Municipalities.  This position will be mainly based in Viqueque Municipality.  CRS’ community-owned and –managed savings group methodology, known as Savings and Internal Communities (SILC), organizes community members into self-selecting groups of 15 to 25 members. Each group elects’ leaders and drafts a constitution that specifies mandatory savings deposits and loan terms. Group members meet weekly for savings collection and lending distribution. Loans are repaid with interest, allowing the fund to grow and providing a dividend at the end of each 8 to 12-month cycle (groups continue with a new cycle, typically increasing the savings amounts).

Job Summary

The SILC Project Officer (PO) will dedicate 100% of their time to the management of the SILC component of the projects. They will develop and accompany partner staff in quality implementation of SILC. The livelihood component of the project involves working with the Project Manager and partner staff in the recruitment and training of Field Agents. The SILC Project Officer (PO) will then be responsible for training and monitoring partner staff and Field Agents as they implement SILC programming.  The SILC PO, under the supervision of the Program Manager (PM) will coordinate implementation of livelihoods activities, liaise with the implementing partner(s), organize partner capacity building and training workshops, assist in data collection and analysis, review financial and narrative reports, and explore avenues for programmatic improvement and expansion.

Job Description

The SILC Project Officer is responsible for contributing valuable ideas and best practices for the successful implementation of project activities. To improve the project implementation, and SILC specifically, he/she will need to engage partner and field agents’ to actively participate in the project with attention to quality and also to ensure data accuracy for the project report as well as sharing experiences and best practices. The SILC PO will work closely with CRS Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) staff and the Project Manager to evaluate regularly the project performance and the SILC data in the Savix on-line data management or MIS system and ensure an appropriate filing system for data at the local partner level. More specific duties include:

  • Works closely with partner SILC field officers to ensure activities are implement in a timely manner, identifying project challenges such as in data collection and to the project team and project manager for inclusive discussion since the life of project.
  • Train and orient partner’s SILC field officer on using the SILC training flipbook including field agent/community volunteer in project implementing areas before mobilize the community.
  • Ensure quality messaging and sharing of the project strategy to partner, field agent and the beneficiaries and keep any confidential information within the team for project team discussion.
  • Conduct regular accompaniment to the partner’s field officer and field agents post training and document findings together with the team (partner and field agent) for project decision making.
  • In collaboration with MEAL and project managers set up partner’s databases and monitor/or review partner’s data quality in MIS and progress report submission on timely basis.
  • Support and organize exchange visits together with implementing partner between beneficiaries/or field agents to improve project quality implementation.
  • Conduct “refresher” trainings as needed during the ongoing project implementation.
  • Accountability (responsibility): engage stakeholders and beneficiaries in increasing participation and transparency communication to guarantee internal and external quality standards and requirements.
  • Assist project team on preparation of any meeting with implementing partner; quarterly meeting, or any meeting needed.
  • Undertake any responsibility related to SILC component data (quantitative or qualitative) and report to project manager for reporting and (any) decision making.
  • Conduct a regular share/or update for any effect to the project manager/team as soon as possible.

Field Monitoring and Data Collection

The SILC PO will also undertake regular field visits to the project sites to monitor and accompany project implementation and verify that the following aspects of programming are in line with CRS and project standards:

  • Assist in regular group meeting to ensure the SILC meeting procedures and ensure partner really understands the verification data when field agents fill out the format (data collection)
  • Ensure partner’s field officer and field agents understand the accuracy of data collection before entry into the system.
  • Keep SILC groups’ schedule up to date and build up an effective communication and good working environment with team and partner including field agents and beneficiaries.
  • Orient partner’s SILC field officer and ensure he/she understands how to verify the accuracy of data with basic understanding of using the data collection format also monitoring checklist format.
  • Keep all related formats up to date and immediately share with partner for their filing document.
  • Assist partners with interview of the SILC field officer and provide partner technical support about field agent recruitment process.
  • Conduct occasional partner visits to assist with data collection and success story and lessons learned documentation.

Data Management

As the SILC PO is a primarily person responsible for all data in regard to SILC; quantitative data in SAVIX MIS online system, appropriate filing document (data collection format and validation checklist, monitoring checklist format), quarterly lesson learnt and select and organize SILC photos to place into the file, etc.

Data Analysis and Reporting

The SILC PO is responsible for supporting and providing the data for the project manager to review and analyze, make suggestions for improving the project plan and implementation, organize summary reports for various stakeholder meetings including donor and relevant Government Ministries.

Partner Responsibilities and Capacity Strengthening

  • Approve the partner’s project and monthly implementation plans, and review their accomplishment.
  • Assist partner in identification, recruitment and training of qualified SILC Field Agents
  • Ensure partner staff spend sufficient time in the field, supporting agents and monitoring group quality.
  • Help partner to identify needs in order to support organizational development and capacity strengthening as is in the partner Sub Recipient Assessment.  Ensure partners are completing their action plans by the deadlines required.
  • Assist partner to certify Field Agents to become Private Service Providers and launch them into the community
  • Train partner on the use of the SILC MIS, and review monthly reports.
  • Provide the partner with referrals and resources for technical assistance as requested by the partner or suggested by the Program Manager.
  • Assist partners and SILC Field Agents in facilitating business training courses given to SILC groups


  • Coordinate with the CRS and partner SILC staff for stronger integrated programming.
  • Link and coordinate all activities between CRS and the implementing partner and regularly communicate to the ESS Project Manager.
  • Maintain consistent communication with key stakeholders such as MAF, other INGOs, and government regarding the project status and challenges.
  • Coordinate all communication between CRS and the partner, including field visits by other CRS staff, donors, and the like.

Key Relationships:

Ø  Internal: MEAL Project Officer, SILC Project Officers, Agriculture Project Officer and Project Managers and Livelihood Program Manager and other projects as assigned.

Ø  External:  Local implementing partners and Community leaders and beneficiaries

Qualifications and Skills

  • University degree (preferred), High school Diploma minimum
  • 2-3 years’ experience working with NGOs
  • Advanced knowledge of and proven capacity for word processing, spreadsheets, data entry and analysis packages and databases including MS office word, Excel and Outlook
  • Ability use Tetun and English (written and spoken) and understanding of local languages in project target area would be helpful such as Makasae and Nauety.
  • Willingness to work as team and based in Baucau or Viqueque with subsequently travel to the field
  • High dedication and commitment to work flexibly and sometimes out of the normal working hours
  • Experienced in related to this field and with participatory community development work in the rural areas desired
  • Excellent skills in communication and community relations
  • Motorcycle license and ability to travel by motorbike
  • Attention to detail and an ability to work effectively under tight deadlines
  • Experience working in collaboration with government counterparts, donors, the Church, NGOs, and community-based organizations.
  • Commitment to improving the quality of life for the people of Timor-Leste, and the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

Agency-wide Competencies (for all CRS Staff)

  • These are rooted in the mission, values, and principles of CRS and used by each staff member to fulfill his or her responsibilities and to achieve the desired results.
  • Serves with Integrity
  • Models Stewardship
  • Cultivates Constructive Relationships
  • Promotes Learning

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Competencies

  • Monitoring: Implementing monitoring activities, including timely collection of quality data, set up and maintenance of databases, facilitation of participatory reflection on monitoring results, and submission of timely progress reports.
  • Accountability: Improving our accountability to a range of stakeholders through increased participation, transparent communication, responsive feedback mechanisms, and adherence to internal and external quality standards and requirements

Suitable qualified female candidates are especially encouraged to apply

Sent a cover letter, current CV and professional references by email to or

Delivery by hand at CRS Dili Office at Rua Dom Alexio Corte Real, Mandarin, Dili or

CRS Baucau Office at Rua Samadigar Buibau, Baucau

Deadline : 15 May 2017 by 5pm the latest.

For further information and full job description please email the address above.

Only Short Listed Applicants will be contacted.(***)

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