Job Vacancy: Editor for Timor-Leste’s 4th National Human Development Report

UNDP Timor-Leste is calling for applications for the following position:

 Editor / Writer

for Timor-Leste’s 2016/17 National Human Development Report (NHDR)

Position Title: Editor/Writer for Timor-Leste’s 4th National Human Development Report – International Consultant
Location: Home Based
Organizational Unit:                Resilience Building Unit, UNDP
Reporting to: NHDR Project Manager and Lead Author Based at Flinders University
Supervised by: NHDR Project Manager and Lead Author Based at Flinders University
Type of Contract: Individual Contract
Languages required English
Contract Date(s): May – September 2017
Duration of Contract:   30 working days spread over five months

 Apply by 22 May 2017 through

Background to the Project

Since 1990, the Human Development Report has been UNDP’s flagship document, monitoring and assessing the development situation from a human-centred perspective. It has contributed to shifting the focus of development towards people’s lives. In addition to the annual global report, more than 620 national and sub-national Human Development Reports have been produced by 143 countries, as well as 34 Regional Human Development Reports (RHDR).

The Global and increasingly the Regional and National reports are attracting attention by media and policy makers at all levels they inspire related analytical initiatives and are looked to as authoritative sources of data and analysis.  It raises the stakes on quality of research, narrative and data analysis narrative and presentation, and a non-partisan HD perspective.

Regional and National reports pioneer themes and approaches based on local level context and expertise. They are supported by Corporate Policy processes. The reports may also reflect on themes of the Global reports.

The reputation of HDRs creates a significant potential in all countries to attract/benefit from media and public attention. Poorly put together reports may in turn weaken the opportunity to stimulate policy debate and more broadly affect the credibility of the NHDRs.

Timor-Leste’s 4th NHDR is a collaborative project between Government of Timor-Leste, UNDP and Flinders University Australia. The report aims to promote public discussion around youth wellbeing, identifying socially inclusive and innovative ways to diversify the workplace and finally the realization of a potential youth dividend.

The objectives of the NHDR Writer/Editor role

  1. Review, organize, edit, and consolidate materials for the Report for clarity and continuity of the argument; as well as clarity of structure and core themes; Identify critical knowledge gaps which may remain; Liaise with UNDP focal point
  2. Oversee technical editing and copy-editing of the Report for readability and consistency;
  3. Proof-reading of layout files of the Report and Summary. The editor will oversee the implementation of the UNDP corporate editorial guidelines (UNDP Editorial Manual, will provided by HDRO).
  1. Reviewing, organizing and editing
  • The editor will be responsible for editing the Report’s chapters and narrative sections with a view to ensure: clarity and continuity of the argument and political focus of the Report; clarity of structure and core themes of the Report; internal consistency, both analytical and stylistic; general readability and accessibility to a broad readership (worldwide).
  • At the beginning of the assignment the editor may be requested to discuss with the NHDR team ad hoc editorial guidelines for the HDR.
  1. Technical editing and copy-editing
  • In the later phase of the Report’s preparation, the editor will do the technical editing and copy-editing of the Report and statistical tables in close consultation with the Lead Author and the NHDR Team.
  • Special attention will be paid to the role of boxes, graphics and tables, the objective being to bring the different components of the draft together seamlessly into a single Report; the editor shall also suggest catchy and concise titles for those elements.
  • The technical editing and copy-editing will concentrate on flow and clarity of argument, sequencing, consistency, especially between text and tables and figures and integration of text and boxes, content errors, style and punctuation, spelling and grammar.
  • Lastly the editor shall ensure that the statistical data used and referenced in the text are consistent with the data in the respective tables, figures, charts and maps, as well as with the indicator tables.
3.       Proofreading

  • Once the Report has been copy-edited and laid out, the editor will perform one or more rounds of proofreading, checking spelling, country and city names as well as acronyms and other abbreviations (making sure that they follow official U.N. terminology and conventions), style consistency, callouts, layout problems, references, etc.



Expected Outputs and Deliverables



Deliverables/ Outputs


Estimated Duration to Complete


Target Due Dates


Review and Approvals Required

First full draft of the edited NHDR 18 days 1 July 2017 NHDR Project Manager & Flinders University Lead Author
Final Edited NHDR 12 days 15 September 2017 NHDR Project Manager & Flinders University Lead Author

Qualifications of the Successful Individual Contractor


Minimum Master’s degree in Social Sciences/ Journalism or fields related to Economy or International Development.


  • At least 15 years of relevant experience as a Writer/Editor.
  • Proven experience in English editing and writing
  • Familiarity with UNDP/HDRO style and understanding of publication requirements desirable
  • The editor must understand the concept of human development and Human Development Reports themes
  • The editor has experience in working with statistical data and statistical indicators, and be familiar with the logic and structure of complex statistical tables and concepts


Excellent command of English, and preferably Portuguese.(MEDIAONETIMOR)

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