TL PM Message on LGBT Acceptance

Stement of His Excellency Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste on LGBT Acceptance:

Everyone has the potential to contribute to the development of the nation, including members of the LGBT community (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender).

Discrimination, disrespect and abuse towards people because of their sexual orientation or gender identity does not provide any benefit to our nation.

Timor-Leste is known in the region and in the world as a country that promotes and protects human rights.

Despite this, many people continue to experience discrimination. Young people are experiencing violence, sometimes from within their own homes.

Violence is a crime. Discrimination is a crime. Timor-Leste’s true resources are its people, especially children and youth.Â

Violence and discrimination can affect the physical and mental health of this country’s future.

For a nation to develop well, every young person needs to be able to grow up in an environment that provides them with protection, love, and opportunities for personal growth – regardless of their differences.

Parents need to accept their children, and schools need to create an environment where all students are protected.

As the Prime Minister, I ask everyone to accept each other, look after each other and respect each other.

Timor’s struggle has taught us to respect each other. God also teaches us to love each other.

The principles of a democratic nation include everyone living freely with dignity and having respect for each other.

This is how we can create an inclusive nation, where everyone can participate in the development process and make the most of the independence we all fought for.

One for all, all for one.
Mensajen Sua Eselénsia Primeiru-Ministru RDTL kona-ba Familia Simu Joven LGBT iha Timor-Leste

Mensajen Sua Eselénsia Primeiru-Ministru RDTL kona-ba Familia Simu Joven LGBT iha Timor-Leste

Ema hotu iha potensiál atu kontribui ba dezenvolvimentu nasaun ne’e, inklui membrus husi komunidade LGBT (Lesbian, gay bisexual, no transgender).

Diskrimina, disrespeita no halo a’at ba ema balun tamba deit sira nia orientasaun seksual no identidade jéneru, sei la fo benifísiu ba ita hotu no ba nasaun.

Timor-Leste koñesidu iha rejiaun no iha mundu internasional hanesan nasaun ne’ebe mak promove no proteje direitus umanus.

Maski nune’e, iha ema barak mak sei hetan diskriminasaun. Foinsa’e balun sei moris iha violénsia nia laran. Dala ruma hahalok hirak ne’e mai husi uma laran rasik.

Violénsia ne’e krime. Diskriminasaun ne’e krime. Timor-Leste nia riku soin lolo’os mak nia ema, liu-liu labarik no foinsa’e sira. Violénsia no diskriminasaun bele afeta futuru nasaun ne’e nia saúde fíziku no mentál.

Nasaun ida atu dezenvolve ho diak, labarik hotu presiza moris iha ambiente ne’ebe fo protesaun, domin, no oportunidade ba sira atu dezenvolve sira nia an, la hare’e ba sira nia diferensa.

Inan-aman presiza simu oan sira, eskola presiza kria kondisaun ne’ebe bele proteje estudante hotu.

Nu’udar Primeiru-Ministru, hau husu ba ita hotu atu simu malu, atu hare’e malu ho diak no respeita malu.

Ukun Timor nian hanorin ita atu respeita malu. Maromak mos hanorin ita atu hadomi malu.

Prinsípiu husi nasaun demokrátiku mak ema hotu moris livre ho dignidade no respeita ba malu.

Liu husi ne’e, ita bele hari’i nasaun ida ne’ebe inkluzivu, atu ema hotu bele partisipa iha prosesu dezenvolvimentu, no aproveita ho diak independénsia ida ne’ebe ita hotu uluk luta ba.

Ida ba Hotu-Hotu, Hotu-Hotu ba Ida!

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