Tetun Course For Foreigners

Timor Aid founded in 1998, is a local NGO dedicated to improving the quality of life for Timorese people through its program. This includes a special focus on the preservation and promotion of Timorese Culture and Language through research, publication and exhibitions, and the Tetun Language program.


Timor Aid is a registered NGO and training provider and has trained over 1000 foreigners personnel in Tetun Language Program since 1999 the program compliments Timor Aid’s mission by promoting social cohesion through  the promotion of Language and Culture.

The Timor Aid Tetun language program aims to provide a flexible, professional friendly service that assist people working and visiting Timor Leste to acquire their desire level of language proficiency. A wider aim is to promote the Tetun Language as the national language of Timor Leste and aid communication in the service of development. Students are introduced to the land of Timor Leste in content of their language classes.
The Tetun Language program (TLP) provide quality standard base on Institute National of Linguistic (INL) Tetun language training to students of all ages and nationalities not only do our students become better Tetun  communicators and gain greater understanding about life in Timor, in addition they are contributing to the welfare of Timorese.
Tetun language program (TLP) also do the  translation and Interpretation service for other Organizations or Individual.

We are flexible with lessons locations and times. Lesson can be given in your work place or in your house. you may prefer a lesson in one of Timor Aid’s air-
conditioned classrooms after which you can immediately practice your new Tetun language with other Timor Aid TA’s Staffs in Tetun zone, cover outdoors area set among a garden of a Timorese Trees and flowers.

Whether you are wanting basic, conversations skills, common expression for daily activities, work related communication or culturally specific language, let our tutors know and they will make preparations for each class. there is a wide range of resources which you can choose to learn from.

We can also provide Timorese cultural induction which helps lay and important foundation for learning Tetun language. if you have already done some tetun study then your classes can be tailored to suit your level.


Lessons are $. 10.00 per student per hour and group discount are available.


Payment can be directly to your tutor who will provide a receipt or can be made at Timor Aid office. if your organization needs an Invoice this can be arrange as well.


Timor Aid’s office opens from Monday to Friday from 8-5pm. however tutors are flexible can give lessons to the clients who prefers to have a class outside office hours.


Rua de Nuu Laran Bairro dos Grillos, Dili Timor Leste.

Inquiries and BookingÂ

Tell: 3312260/ Email: tetun@timoraid.org
or to: 77525062 Email: brigilodo.fras@gmail.com

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