TL GOV: Work of Government Continues Through Campaign Period

MEDIAONETIMOR-The work of the Sixth Constitutional Government is continuing through the official campaign period ahead of the 22nd of July Parliamentary election. Although several members of Government have taken leave of their duties in order to campaign during this period, decisions are still being made and all necessary functions of the Government are maintained.
The official campaign period began on the 20th of June and finishes on the 19th of July. During last weeks meeting of the Council of Ministers important legislation was discussed and approved relating to tourism, economic reform, the accreditation of institutions of Higher Education and the implementation of the Social Welfare Contributory Framework.

The smooth running of the election process was announced as one of six National Priorities for 2017 identified in July last year as the Government planned for the new year and worked rigorously to ensure adequate budget appropriations.

The election process requires extraordinary work on the part of the National Electoral Commission [CNE], the Technical Secretariat for Electoral Administration [STAE], the Ministry of State Administration, and the Ministry of the Interior.

Interim Prime Minister, Minister of State Agio Pereira said “the Government continues to work diligently and responsibly as the election approaches. We commend the intense work being undertaken to ensure that the election process, identified by the Government as a National Priority for 2017, is a great success.”(Official Spokesperson for the Government of Timor-Leste/ETAN)

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