Job Vacancy for Lafaek Business Plan Consultant

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ToR Title              Lafaek Business Plan Consultant

Duration              August 2017-September 2017

Location               Dili

Reports to           Shoaib Danish, Program Coordinator (Education)

Start date            August 2017

1. Background

CARE International (CI)

CARE is an international organization working to end poverty and social injustice and bring about lasting, sustainable change in communities. CARE works in over 80 countries around the world to help overcome poverty by supporting development projects and providing emergency relief. A non-religious and non-political organization, we know that achieving gender equality, increasing inclusive governance and strengthening community resilience are critical in achieving sustainable outcomes.

CARE International in Timor-Leste (CITL)

In Timor Leste, CARE’s goal is to improve the wellbeing and voice of women and girls in rural disadvantaged areas as we know they are the most disadvantaged members of society. We do this through our thematic priority areas of sexual reproductive and maternal health and rights, education, women’s economic empowerment and women’s voice. CARE uses a number of approaches including the Gender Equality Framework, engaging men and boys, working in partnership, robust monitoring evaluation learning and impact and a commitment to accountability and inclusion.

Lafaek Learning Media Project

LAFAEK Learning Media (LAFAEK School children, Teachers and Communities) educates school children and adults through the production and distribution of colorful, informative learning magazines. LAFAEK KI’IK and LAFAEK PRIMA helps school children in pre-primary and grade 1-4 in basic literacy and numeracy development and health and hygiene through stories, photos, games, etc. LAFAEK ba MANORIN serves as a learning tool for teacher professional development and LAFAEK BA KOMUNIDADE targets low-literate adults in remote and rural areas with information on improved health and agricultural practices, child rearing and micro finance.

CARE International Presence Review (CPR) in Timor-Leste

CITL has just completed a CI Country Presence Review (CPR) process which was launched in September 2016. The review sought to examine the contextualized nature of poverty and social injustice, and the important drivers of change and their effect on CI’s relevance, impact and cost-effectiveness in Timor-Leste in line with CI’s Vision 2020.

The CPR process and the findings recognized the key role of Lafaek as central to the CI’s Long-Term Program in Timor-Leste through its capacity to multiply impact especially for gender equality, and to generate resourcing through sponsorships and other approaches, the Steering Group recommended that CITL give special focus to developing these capacities, while retaining Lafaek as a core component of CITL’s work.

In order to guide the further development of Lafaek as a core element of CI’s presence in Timor-Leste, and through this to achieve the highest impacts on a sustainable basis, CITL has developed a draft Lafaek Business Plan.

Lafaek Social Enterprise

Over the past 2-3 years, CITL has been exploring and developing a sponsorship process that enables the Lafaek ba Komunidade (LBK) magazine to access highly quality content, enables key partners to enhance the impact of their work by reaching large audiences with their high impact messages through the trusted brand of Lafaek, and enables the project to develop an income generation stream. We are investing this income in further strengthening the approach and expect that we will be able to achieve self-funding for LBK within the next few years.

Lafaek Social Enterprise will produce and distribute LBK magazines. This sponsorship process would enable CITL to operate the Lafaek Social Enterprise at the heart of the overall Lafaek project. As income increases, we expect it to reduce costs of the LBK component until ultimately self-funding is achieved.

In addition, CITL is currently exploring a Lafaek Online project component that would enable CITL to reach the youth demographic. Lafaek Online would provide high quality and engaging information for young people, a group that is highly vulnerable but equally important in Timor-Leste. Although the online platform’s foundation is based on the profile, brand, and popularity of Lafaek (at this stage only appropriate for urban youth), we expect it to pave the way for future development and expansion of Lafaek in the years to come. It will also add to Lafaek’s income generating capacity and will ultimately enable private sector partnerships to grow with appropriate consideration to due diligence.

In summary, the Business Plan will primarily serve as the guide for establishing and operating the Lafaek Social Enterprise.

2. Objectives/Purpose/Key Responsibilities

This consultancy will achieve key outputs in support of the finalization of the Lafaek Business Plan. The first comprehensive draft of the Lafaek Business Plan has already been developed and presented internally. The next step is to create a final draft of the updated Lafaek Business Plan, with a focus on Lafaek ba Komunidade, that can be immediately implemented and also shared externally.

The aim of this consultancy is to conduct a technical review of the current draft of the business plan, risk analysis and costings, provide recommendations, and from this to finalize a Lafaek Business Plan. The consultant will develop a comprehensive business plan with overall strategy for the business and approach to achieve strategic objectives.  The plan should include 1 year and a 3 year strategy and milestones for measuring success. The consultant is expected to prepare cashflow projections.

This final business plan will be used to internally guide the future work around the Lafaek Social Enterprise as well as provide detailed program information to potential partners and donors.

3. Expected Results or Outputs

The following table gives an outline of key work components/ outputs with indicative duration and timeframe of outputs.

Consultancy Component   Scope of work   Output   Duration        Time frame

Conduct technical review of options and alternates provided in the draft Lafaek Business Plan

·         Review the current structure of the Business Plan;
·         Ensure that the structure and contents of the plan are robust and adequate to support business;
·         Conduct a focused review around the Lafaek ba Komunidade and Lafaek Online options;
·         Detail key steps and processes required for establishing and operating the social enterprise;
·         Review and finalize the draft Risk Analysis matrix;
·         Review and integrate the draft costings;
·         Present and submit the final draft of the Business Plan for review and comments to CARE;
·         Revise and finalize the Business Plan based on the comments provided by CARE.

A comprehensive business plan for the establishment of Lafaek ba Komunidade as a social enterprise.
Plan includes:
·         Operation model / approach to achieve strategic objectives (including people, marketing, and other aspects)
·         Strategic and operational risk mitigation plan
·         Financial forecast and cashflow projections
·         Options analysis for online product

15 Days
August 2017

Finalize a plan of action based on priorities complete with a tasks list, staff responsible, and timeframe

·         Develop a work plan that will accompany the Business Plan including;
·         A detailed outline of tasks to be completed, staff responsible, and tentative schedule
·         Implementation plan with action register

5 Days July 2017

4. Management and Reporting Arrangements
The consultant will report to Shoaib Danish, CITL Program Coordinator (Education). Assistance from other CARE Timor-Leste Lafaek members will be available as needed.
5. Schedule and Dates
The consultancy will take place for twenty (20) days over the months of August/ September 2017.
6. Payment Schedule
The Consultant shall receive the following payments upon completion of the outputs as specified above and listed below:
Output                    Timing   Fee Payable
Finalized Business Plan 15 Days 75% of fees
Plan of Actions/ Staff Task List
5 Days           25% of fees
7. Requirements
The consultant will require the following skills, qualifications and competencies:
·         Post –graduate qualifications preferred
·         Extensive experience in the private sector, business development, and marketing
·         Excellent research, analytical and report writing skills in English
·         Extensive experience in the Timor-Leste context required, in particular in the education field
·         Excellent English, and effective Tetun/ Portuguese
·         Strong facilitation and communication skills
·         Knowledge of civil society in Timor-Leste preferred
·         Knowledge and experience with CARE’s work especially in Timor-Leste preferred
·         Knowledge and experience of INGO sector preferred
8. Candidates should provide the following:
·         An updated CV
·         Financial Proposal in USD
·         Cover letter
The consultant will be expected to sign and adhere to CARE’s Code of Conduct and Child Protection policy. Interested applicants should respond to this ToR with a letter outlining their interest, availability and daily rate and a recent CV to CITL Lafaek Project Manager (Simplicio Barbosa, by Close of Business (Timor-Leste time) Wednesday 3rd August, 2017.
Note: This document is a working draft and is subject to revision prior to contracting.

Best Regards
Yeni Lay | Human Resource Manager | CARE International in Timor Leste
Aldeia Rio de Janeiro, Bairo Pite
P.O. Box 265  Dili Timor Leste
Tel.:       +670 3321407,     Fax:    +670 3322651
Mobile:+670 77234080 skype: yeni.lay

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