Cross Border Road Race Finale Attracts 15,000 Visitors

The finale of Crossborder Road Race at Oemanu – Kefamenanu circuit, North Central Timor (TTU), managed to attract 15,000 locals and residents of the neighboring country Timor Leste.

The two-day race was held from July 22 to 23 and was divided into 17 classifications, three categories, beginners and open classes. 220 racers from 17 team participated in the race. Out of the 220 racers, 27 of them were from Timor Leste who took part in 11 classifications. Teams from Timor Leste brought about 127 people for the race.

Jems Buan Cendana of Cendana AMP Speed Huruk Mulas took home the trophy from Regional Police Chief (Kapolda) NTT, TTU regent trophy was given to Jimmy Halla of RBRT 76 Dirga Motor Soe and Police Chief (Kapolres) TTU Cup Race 2017 was awarded to Rhyo Sonbay of Cendana AMP Speed Huruk Mulas.

“Sports tourism is the mainstay of TTU, every time we hold a sporting event thousands of people will come and see. We’re going to hold two other events soon: Crossborder Grasstrack and Wini Horse Racing,” said TTU regent Raymundus Sau Fernandes.

Raymundus is aware that the region doesn’t have plenty of tourist attractions to offer which is why they rely on man-made tourism with sports tourism as the leading attraction. According to the tourism portfolio, sports event is categorized as man-made tourism.

“We like to conduct events that can attract the people from neighboring country Timor Leste. We are serumpun [nations with the same kinship], we share the same likings. We’re going to keep on developing our tourist destinations. Currently, we’re pushing for religious tourism by building the highest Jesus statue in the world and houses of worship for five religions” Raymundus added. (Etan/JP/asw)

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