Invitation for Proposal, Hamutuk Baseline Survey

Hamutuk Baseline Survey——-Invitation for Proposal

Background: Abt Associates Timor Unipesoal Lda is the Managing Contractor for the Australia Timor-Leste Partnership for Human Development in Dili Timor-Leste for Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Aid Program. Part of these funds is intended for the procurement of Consultancy Firms for the following Activity:

To conduct base baseline survey in Holarua Same

Bidders are invited to submit a Proposal to provide the required services of Hamutuk Baseline Survey in Holarua Same Timor-Leste. The completed Proposal must be signed by the Bidders Representatives; and must be valid for a minimum period as indicated above from the Closing Date of the RFP. Proposals must be submitted at the date and time indicated in this RFP and can be sent by e-mail, hand, and mail or courier service to the address on the cover page. Submission by e-mail to Procurement at or

Interested candidates must register with Venancio Ximenes at the email address or  to be able to receive any clarifications issued to bidders and to receive request for proposals.

The deadline for summiting proposal is: 17 August 2017 Time 15:30 Local Time

 Scope of Work

The survey will be conducted across all 13 aldeias in Holarua, Same, Manufahi and with implementing partners working in Holarua.  Households will be selected randomly from the target population of all households in Holarua, i.e. 1167 households[1].  A sample of women of reproductive age (15 to 49 years of age) and men (15 to 49 years of age) will be interviewed in selected households.  All Hamutuk implementing partners and KONSSANTIL members will also be interviewed.

Survey design

It is anticipated that the baseline survey will use a random sampling approach (stratified or simple) of households from the 13 aldeias in Holarua. As much as possible, the survey will try to use the methodology used in relevant modules of the Demographic and Health Survey (DHS 2016). To achieve a 95% confidence level and 5% margin of error, 290 households is the proposed sample size covering all 13 aldeias.

Consistent with the DHS 2016 methodology, all selected households will be interviewed; eligible women age 15 to 49 residing in selected households will be interviewed; and eligible men will be interviewed in one-third of the households. It is anticipated that 290 households will be interviewed, as well as around 388 women and 130 men to be interviewed. The survey design may consider female headed households, households with children and households with people living with disability.

The final survey plan (including survey design, final sample size, sample frame, list of sample households, questionnaires, survey operation, and field operation plan) will be developed during Phase 1 of the survey.

Instrumentation (survey tools)

Drawing on draft questionnaires developed to date, the survey will collect qualitative and quantitative data using semi-structure questionnaires and for households undertaking a range of anthropometric measurements. Where possible, mobile technology (phone, tablet device) will be used to collect and record the data.

Duration and Timeline

The contractor is expected to propose the expected number of days required for the survey, beginning as soon as possible.  It is anticipated that the field work is completed before the wet season commences in December 2017.

 Contact person for obtaining the completed detail of Request for Proposal (RFP)

Venancio Ximenes: or Phone: +670 77879252

Venancio Ximenes | Senior Procurement Officer | Partnership for Human Development

1st Lane, Block E01-12, Palm Business & Trade Center

Surik Mas, Fatumeta Bairro-Pite, Dili, Timor-Leste

E: M: +670 77879252


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